2 IN 1 SMD Chip CCT Soft Light Effect LED strip

Short Description:

  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Wattage: 7.2W
  • Lumen: 540lm/m
  • LED Type: SMD5050
  • LED Qty: 30/60LED/M
  • Cut: 100mm
  • Roll: 2/3/5/10m
  • Authentication :

    rz200 (3) rz200 (4)

    Product Detail

    LED Qty LED Type Item No. Voltage M Wattage [W] Lumen [lm/m] Cut [mm] Roll [m]
    30LED/M SMD5O5O LR1313 12/24 72 540 100 2/3/5/10
    60LED/M SMD5O5O LR1321 12/24 72 540 100 2/3/5/10



    LED Strips are used in many environments that can control the temperature and brightness level of your home or office. LED Strip has a light range from warm white to cool white which is suitable for a variety of applications to enhance the appearance, such as patios, porches, pavilions, under-cabinet lighting and ceiling lighting.

    LED Strips has so many unparalleled advantages and specialties:

    Good performance on energy saving:

    According to every photo electricity or light distribution test machine, our LED Strip could be tested with 75 LM/W. Compared with the conventional strip lights, it can save 50% energy, which is fit for protecting the environment.

    Variety of LED Strips available:

    We YUSING can provide 2/3/5/10m roll for your options, and the voltage includes 12/24V. LED color rendering index bulbs equipped with Ra>80. Such as Two-in-one strip lights can be used in many places to create an atmosphere.

    Qualified scenarios and certifications to meet the global marketing:

    LED Strip can meet with ERP by economic cost which is popularly requested by the customers in Europe and else countries.

    We owned a full set of CE/RoHS/ERP/EMC certifications that can be used in the global market as well.

    Different functions optional to you:

    LED Strip has many color temperatures from warm white - neutral white - cold white - R/G/B.

    With a softer light effect comparing with standard strip light, it can protect the eyes in daily life.

    It has a beam angle of 120°, can be well operated in -20℃~40℃. Various IP rating can be chose (IP20/IP44/IP64/IP65/IP68).

    Longer lifespan:

    Our LED Strip is providing an expected long lifetime of 15000 hours.

    As the LED leading supplier, we are devoted to this line for many years. YUSING can supply you a full range of LED Strip. Our products are deserving of your confidence!

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