12V User-Friendly Strip Lights

Short Description:

  • Voltage: 12/74V
  • Wattage: 48W
  • Lumen: 400lm
  • LED Type: SMD4040
  • LED Qty: 60LED/M
  • Cut: 50mm
  • Roll: 2/3/5/10m
  • Authentication :

    rz200 (3) rz200 (12) rz200 (9) rz200 (8) rz200 (4)

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    Best-selling light strip - SMD light strip products which can be made in various color has the advantages of good light output, good dissipation, long lifetime. It can be used in many places you like, hope you like it.

    Our strip light has many practical advantages for you:

    Safe to Use: Powered by a 12/74V working voltage and built-in short circuit prevention technology, the LED strip light emits low heat and is incredibly safe and touchable for users.

    User-Friendly Flexibility: The LED strip light is flexible enough to be mounted in various locations. Enjoy brighter lighting in your favorite places, like your mirrors, cabinets, bedroom, living room, kitchen closets, and more.

    Beam Angle: The beam angle is 120 degrees. This allows you to see more at night and avoid hitting.

    Self-adhesive Foam Tape: This strip light backside with custom foam tape with strong adhesive and elastic features. As time goes by, foam tape will be more and more sticky.

    Quality Assurance & Worry-Free: All accessories of our strip lights are officially certified. The certified power adaptor was tested rigorously which is safe for use, the lights run at a low temperature and consume low energy. We promise Five stars products and customer service. If you have any issues during installation, contact us directly and we will get it resolved within 24 hours. A full refund or free replacement is provided in quality-related issues.

    YUSING can give you the best products, and we are confident that they will meet all of your requirements. YUSING strip light will add flair to your space, complement your existing decor, and brighten it up without breaking the bank. YUSING strip light is an excellent option for you.

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