Ultra Slim Die-cast Aluminum LED Floodlight

Short Description:

  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Wattage : 10W-20W-30W-50W-70W-100W-150W-200W-300W
  • Lumen : 85lm/w
  • Ra : ≥80
  • PF : >0.5
  • Angle : 110°
  • Chip : SMD2835
  • Color Temperature : 3000K 4000K 6500K
  • Authentication :

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    Product Detail

    Item No. Voltage
    Ra PF Life time
    Material Size
    LG175 220-240 10 850 ≥80 >0.5 20000 Alu. 81.2*63*21
    LG175 220-240 20 1700 ≥80 >0.5 20000 Alu. 117.6*90*21
    LG175 220-240 30 2550 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 140.6*110*21
    LG175 220-240 50 4250 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 183*143*22
    LG175 220-240 70 5950 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 183*143*22
    LG175 220-240 100 8500 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 205*150*22
    LG175 220-240 150 12750 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 268*188*52
    LG175 220-240 200 17000 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 380*306*55
    LG175 220-240 300 25500 ≥80 >0.9 20000 Alu. 4200*300*42



    This LED work light with motion sensing function can switch the light on and off by sensing the temperature of the human body. It is currently a very hot-selling style on the market. When choosing a LED work light style, we often have some confusion. Which parameters should be paid attention to? Or for different scenes, how many lumens should we choose? In fact, it is very simple. LED work lights are mainly used outdoors, so the IP rating at this time is very important.

    Our LED work light has many practical advantages for you:

    Ultra Slim Die-cast Aluminum LED Floodlight (11)
    Ultra Slim Die-cast Aluminum LED Floodlight (10)

    IP44/IP65 waterproof: Two levels of protection can meet different usage requirements of LED work light. At present, IP65 is more common in the market, and it is suitable for most scenarios. If customers want to use it indoors, IP44 may be enough, if they can only buy IP65, that means they have to bear unnecessary costs for the excessively high protection level. So our lights can meet the needs of more customers.

    Excellent high quality: YUSING LG175 LED work light takes ultra-thin design, with die-casting aluminum body and high-grade construction. It’s equipped with SMD2835 LEDs, a wide power range from 10W to 300W and flexible color temperature from 3000K to 6500K. There are normal versions and infrared sensor versions for you to choose from, both versions are cold and heat resistant, they can be used in an environment of -40 degrees to 40 degrees.

    Easy installation: You can easily install this exterior LED work light on the ceiling, walls, ground, and other locations by adjusting the bracket to different angles, and following a few simple wiring steps.

    As an international integrated lighting & electrical supplier, YUSING are committed to supplying suitable lighting and electrical products with the most reasonable price and the shortest delivery for customers. We advocate giving consumers more styles to meet their requirements. There are 12 styles of the LED work light, from 10W to 300W, which can fully meet the needs of customers in different scenarios.

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