RGBW Flood Lamp with Remote Control

Short Description:

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Wattage: 15W
  • Lumen: 1250lm
  • PF: >0.5
  • Angle: 110°
  • Chip: SMD2835
  • Color Temperature: RGBW
  • Material: Alu+PC.
  • Authentication :

    rz200 (3) rz200 (4) rz200 (21) rz200 (9)

    Product Detail

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    YUSING LG1166 Color Changing Floodlight is different from the conventional flood lamp. It has unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, and so on.

    Our Color Changing Floodlight LG1166-rgbw has many practical advantages for you:

    Bright: 85m/w high efficacy. The Color Changing Floodlight with superior quality for higher illumination, providing you with sufficient light in the dim night, creating a safe environment for streets and parking.

    Lifespan: 30,000 hours lifespan.

    Waterproof: IP65 waterproof rating. It can be installed in various weather conditions all year round, and can also be placed outdoors. The sturdy and durable aluminum shell is used to quickly dissipate heat to keep cool, and can withstand outdoor rain and storms.

    Led chip type:2835+5054 luminous angle 110°.

    Weather: The operating temperature ranges from -20℃-40℃.

    Function: The Color Changing Floodlight has a single controller, which can easily change the CCT and night brightness. We can use it in many situations, so it is very practical and economical. It can be widely used on the road, and more modes can be changed according to the controller, such as the color light cycle bright. There is also a 60-second delay to shut down, and it can also emit light after walking, and it can also provide a little time light, so people who walk are safe.

    InstallThere are 2 ways. The plug-in can be used like a grounding plug, and it can also be used as an ordinary floodlight or laid flat, so it can be widely used.

    Apperance: simple and stylish.

    CE, ROHS can meet the needs of different markets. If other certificates are needed, please feel free to contact us.

    YUSING can provide you with the best product, and we believe that our products can meet all your needs. YUSING LED Color Changing Floodlight LG1166-rgbw is a good choice for you.


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