APP Reminder Zigbee Magnetic Window Door Sensor

Short Description:

  • Type: ZigBee
  • Battery: 1*CR2032,DC3V
  • Sensing Distance: About 1.27cm-2.54cm
  • Size: 56*28*14mm/38*14*11mm
  • Authentication :

    1 2 3 111 d5b657bb9612350fb7583cace6468b3 8 RZ200 (17) rz (1) 11 rz (1) rz (2)

    Product Detail

    Item No.



    Sensing Distance




    1xCR2032, DC3V

    About 1.27cm-2.54cm



    APP-Reminder-Zigbee-Magnetic-Window-Door-Sensor (7)
    APP-Reminder-Zigbee-Magnetic-Window-Door-Sensor (6)
    APP-Reminder-Zigbee-Magnetic-Window-Door-Sensor (5)

    Are you often troubled by not knowing if someone invades your home? At this time, you need a door sensor, which can notify you when there is any abnormality. It is the guardian of your family and protects the safety of your home. YUSING's door sensor is very suitable for you.

    Our door sensor has the following features:

    Your Personal Butler: Your mobile phone can be notified immediately when the door or window is opened or closed. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your baby going out without notice. You can also easily know when your age parents leave or arrive home, and you can even know clearly when someone enters your store, office, or company. The effective sensing distance between the product’s main body and accessories is about 1.27cm~2.54cm, which can sensitively sense movement, so that you are always safe and informed.

    Easy to install: just tear off the double-sided tape on the back of the door sensor, and then stick it on the door or window, and you can use it normally. Please remove the insulating paper before using the sensor. The main body and accessories are installed on the same horizontal plane and can be fixed with 3M glue.

    Warning notification: Receive real-time warning notifications from your smartphone. Please note that this door sensor will not emit an alarm or ringtone, it will only send notifications. This door sensor also has a low battery warning function.

    Long Life: The normal standby time is more than 12 months.

    With our door sensor, you don’t need to worry about whether you forget to close the doors and windows and whether someone enters without authorization.

    We can also provide CE, RoHS, Erp certificates to meet the needs of different markets. If you need other certificates, or have any other questions about this product, please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for a door sensor, YUSING door sensor is your best choice.

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